Rinna Clanuwat


I am a visual artist who live to inspire and paint happiness (.. and lots of lots of cats). I am currently active in Japan.


My name is Rinna Clanuwat was born and raised in Thailand. I graduated with Bachelor of Industrial Designs from Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and Master of Interactive Media from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London (UK). I am the founder of Mindtrigger Studio. I wrote and illustrated children’s book that won National Best Children’s Book Award (2001 : Thailand), designed dolls that won the 2nd and 3rd prizes of international Blythe Doll Design Competition (2008 : Japan). My illustration on Ubuyama Kindergarten’s Bus has recently been shortlisted by London’s Association of Illustrators for The World Illustration Award (2015 : UK).


I am currently active in Japan. I was 1 of 7 chosen artists for "Artist in Aso”, 2014 international artist in residency program in Aso city, Kumamoto Japan. I have been featured in NHK documentary program and KTV program as well as Yomiuri Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun, and Kumanichi Shinbun newspapers. I was also a guest artist to speak at Kumamoto Contemporary Art Museum. Ubuyama village (Kumamoto, Japan) has dedicated Ubuyama Farmland Gallery solely for exhibiting my works. With gratitude to people of Ubuyama, my arts are treasured around the village. They appear on kindergarten bus, school facilities, house walls, and at restaurant front.


As an artist, making art for me is never about being chic, cool, or smart. It's all about reciprocating kindness received from everyone around me through my abilities, skills, and whatever I can do, just to make those who see the works feel all the joy and hope the world has to offer. My duty is to live to inspire. Every time I paints, I thinks about how I could encourage everyone to be happy, be kind, and be carefree. My illustrations are whimsical, playful, and spontaneous. Most of the time I did not sketch before painting. I just went with my instinct, need to express, and core messages I had in mind at the time. My works include a lot of cat characters as the symbolic representation of unconditional kindness. I believes that if we all could regard everyone around us as fluffy cat, we can be more forgiving toward others as well as making the world a better place.



Awards & Honours


2015: World Illustration Award Shortlist London's Association of Illustrator's (London, UK)


2014: Guest speaker at Kumamoto Contemporary Art Museum (Kumamoto, Japan)


2014: Artist in Residence  Artists in Aso International Residency Program (Kumamoto, Japan)


2012: Chosen book for Bangkok World Book Capital 2013 : “Let Me Sleep” is 1 of the 3 books chosen as the gift for the newborns by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on behalf of Bangkok : World Book Capital 2013 (Supported by UNESCO).


2008: 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up Awards Blythe Doll customisation (Tokyo, Japan)


2004: Finalist Fresh Character Found, Character Design Competition (Tokyo, Japan)


2001: National Best Children’s Book of The Year Award (For Children 3-6 Years Old) Children’s book competition by Ministry of Education of Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)





2014: The Milky Way I saw in Ubuyama (Solo Exhibition) at Ubuyama Farmland Gallery (Ubuyama, Kumamoto, Japan)


2014: Artist in Aso International Program’s Final Exhibition (Group Exhibition) at Sakagura Gallery (Uchinomaki, Kumamoto, Japan)


2012: Rinna The Cat’s Solo Exhibition (Solo Exhibition) at Cassia Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand)


2012: Sketchbook Project 2012 (Group Exhibition) Brooklyn Art Library (Brooklyn, NY, USA)


2010: Manga Girls Inspiration (Group Doll Exhibition) 9th Blythe Anniversary Charity Exhibition at Omotesando Hills and Venus Fort (Tokyo, Japan)


2010: Fashion Obsession (Group Doll Exhibition) 8th Blythe Anniversary Charity Exhibition at at Siam Paragon (Bangkok, Thailand) and at Omotesando Hills and Venus Fort (Tokyo, Japan)


2009: Featured Artist of Blythe A Wonder World 7th Blythe Anniversary Charity Exhibition at Siam Paragon (Bangkok, Thailand)


2004: Fresh Character Found (Group Character Design Exhibition) at Gallery LELE (Tokyo, Japan)


2003: Interactive Media Exhibition (Group Multimedia Design Exhibition) at London College of Communication Gallery (London, UK)


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